Our Dietary service makes available well-balanced meals and in between snacks that taste great and meet each individual specific dietary needs. Medical Nutrition Therapy promotes quality of life, prevent malnutrition and weight loss. Our foods are handling is in a safe and sanitary manner.
Our menus are approved by a qualified dietitian and advance planning must be followed to ensure individual residents receive the recommended daily nutritional allowances for his/her condition.

We offer various substitution of equal nutritional value to each and every resident and food preferences are accommodated as much as possible.
Meal and Snacks
• Three meals per day
• Three in between snack daily
• Sack lunch is provide on outside appointments
• Accommodations are made for residents wanting to eat at a different times
• Appealing and palatable foods, attractive and color coordinated
• Appropriated temperatures, hot foods server hot and cold foods serve cold
Special and Therapeutic Diets
• Regular
• Mechanical Soft
• Chopped
• Thicken
• Puree Renal
• Diabetic
Diets are accommodated to meet the needs of resident with chewing or swallowing problems. Special equipment and utensils are provided to help resident to be as independent as possible. We have well-trained staff to help resident who need extra care.
Our foods are handled, stored and prepared in a sanitary manner to prevent food-borne illnesses. Potentially hazardous foods are maintained at the proper temperature.

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